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We serve hundreds of animals in the community. We have vaccinated thousands of animals and provided over one thousand with free spay and neuter services.


Not only does spaying and neutering reduce future expenses of caring for this pack and helps control the population of dogs and cats, it also aids the people in the area. Spaying and neutering also reduces aggression in animals, helping lower the transmission of rabies. Most importantly, the people in the impoverished area don’t have to worry about feeding litters of puppies and kittens.


In the grand scheme of things, the number of animals we care for is small, but for each of these animals and their owners, it changes their world. Please help us continue to help them.

Reddick After.JPG
Pasay photo 8.jpg

This is the same dog! Our pal Reddick was hairless. He’s a handsome guy now, with a full coat of shaggy fur! It costs us about $30 US to treat every mangy pup we encounter – and it makes a world of difference!

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